Fuck Yeah Sims Meme
If I were a Sim

I like how people are saying someone is playing us like we’re a Sim. What if we are playing EACH OTHER?!


Dear lord. What if all the sims you create are babies soon to be born and you’re plotting out their life for them and in a few years time you’ll hear that some really gorgeous woman who shares the name of your sim, Jane Fondla, is going to court for the murder of 6 of her ex husbands, her current husband is quoted as saying “Hey, I was the last to sleep with her, I earned the right to be her husband”.

whoever is in charge of us missed a few people that need to be put in the pool without the ladder


Am I the only person who, when they see something they like, do the little sim shimmy and go ‘Ooooooh shaboo’ at it?


Apologies, but probably!

If we’re all Sims, whoever is playing me must be of those people who plays the game exactly how you’re supposed to and has never heard of cheats or challenges or putting your Sims in funny situations. Then again, I’m glad I haven’t been burned alive…


I’m not so glad I don’t suddenly find £900,000 in my bank account, though! However, thankfully, they aren’t one of the ones who either have never tried the “woohoo” option OR thinks it’s horrifying. So I suppose there’s pros and cons

(( If I’m a Sim, I think the person controlling my household is away from their controller, ‘cuz I’ve wasted the past few days playing games and sleeping. ))


If I was a Sim I would be that annoying one who always goes to the computer instead of like painting or playing chess when you don’t give them something to do.


Or maybe whoever’s playing just likes video games/being on the computer so much they play a game just to watch people game/be on the computer.